About First Drawing

testThank you for visiting us here at firstdrawing.com. My name is Anne Hockerup and I am the founder of First Drawing. I live in Roskilde with my husband and our 3 children. We have the twins Sarah and Tobias and our little laggard Frederik.

In the summer of 2019, I chose to quit my good job as a manager in a large international company to take the plunge as an entrepreneur. Overseas travel and management meetings were replaced by brand new challenging and exciting tasks that were about getting my heart's desire, the company First Drawing, off the ground. A lot has happened since. It has exceeded all expectations and today I am proud of the result.

The idea for First Drawing started when our daughter drew a drawing of her grandparents. We wanted to give them a personalised Christmas present and this drawing was absolutely perfect. However, the paper had become a little crumpled and we wanted to give them something that could hang in front and adorn their home while making them happy every time they looked at it. We got a graphic artist to colour the drawing and insert a little background environment, while the elements from the original drawing remained 100% original. The result was absolutely fantastic and created great joy and pride in both our daughter and the grandparents.

I now work every day to give that joy to other children and their families. First Drawing has entered into several exciting partnerships with e.g. Ronald McDonald BørneFond, SMILfonden, Flying Superkids and most recently the Cystic Fibrosis Association and Cool Kids, where the Palaces and Culture Agency has given us support to be able to make exciting drawing workshops for the children.

At the beginning of 2020, we won Tivoli's Entrepreneurship Competition in connection with Winter at Tivoli, where Jesper Buch, Jacob Risgaard and Christian Arnstedt all made a bid. We chose to start a partnership with Jacob and Christian.

Child drawings are for me the story every little child has about everything that matters to them. We see the smiles on their faces, the love in the adults who take care of them, and sometimes a tear there where something has been difficult. Drawings are a unique way to look into your child's universe. And when the drawings are collected over time, it creates a beautiful and poetic diary of the child's upbringing.

If you have any questions about the concept, please feel free to write to me.