YOUYOU - Your Creative Bracelet

YOUYOU is a 100% Danish produced bracelet created by the Danish artist Poul Pava.

You design the bracelet yourself by drawing or painting on the strip that sits inside the bracelet. This makes the bracelet completely unique and personal.

You can easily switch between different designs so you can carry a new piece of art from your child, grandchild or maybe yourself every day?

The bracelet is light and nice to wear with gold-colored aluminum threads on the sides for an exclusive look. The standard size of the bracelet is 17 mm. x 220 mm., but it can be shortened to suit both children and adults.

It comes in a delicious box with remedies to change the strip and adjust the length.

See in the videos below how it works:

This is how the YOUYOU bracelet works

How to design the YOUYOU bracelet yourself

YOUYOU bracelet in box

YOUYOU bracelet in box

1 pcs. YOUYOU bracelet in box, 1 pcs. white strip and accessories for replacement.

If you order more than 1 piece, you get 20% on all extra bracelets.